Билеты с услугой быстрого входа во Дворец Топкапы и Аудиогид

Посетите многовековой дворец султанов в Стамбуле без очереди.

€44.90 €49.00

Забронируйте быстрый вход с гидом в великолепный Дворец Топкапы здесь, не дожидаясь очереди в кассу за билетами. Очереди проверки на безопасность для всех.



Erd (Denmark) - 11 Feb 2024

we appreciated the service for the easy access and all the information provided by the museum team. 1-star short because there is not enough service for drinks or snacks in the museum

DS (Germany) - 30 Nov 2023

They have a nice variety options about different parts of the museums inside. From harem to archaeological parts that shows the Topkapi Palace Museum complex from angles.

Mut (Brazil) - 26 Nov 2023

Topkapi Palace is very interesting. The harem was also nice extra. We skip the line of ticket Windows and guide informed well.

Shereen (Turkey) - 03 Nov 2023

It is definitely recommended. A lot of history and details around beautiful gardens of Topkapı Palace of Istanbul

DDC (Australia) - 30 Oct 2023

The Topkapi Palace Museum is vast and a few basic additions are very helpful. The guiding service by Ozzy was a great value.

Yousef E. (Egypt) - 07 Jul 2022

It was a wonderful experience specially having Adil Fide as our tour guide, he was very patient, informative, kind and we could easily understand what he says thanks to his accent and his fluency in English. (the tour was in English.) In addition to the above, he was not biased while providing historic information/explanations. I highly recommend this service!

Lidia (Spain) - 15 Dec 2021

very interesting royal palace and precious collections. harem is also definitely interesting, especially with guiding, which was perfectly professional. thanks Mr E!

Fiona U. (United States) - 06 Nov 2021

So happy to have purchased our tickets through here. There was a huge line at the entrance, which we skipped thanks to our guide. Adil was very knowledgeable, friendly and entertaining, told us about the history and backstory of almost every room and cobblestone in the palace! Topkapi is a beautiful palace and important part of Ottoman history, but you really need a solid guide to appreciate the culture and architecture. Highly recommended!!

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